Improvement of Energy Efficiency in Technology Parks of the Med Area through Intelligent Models and Uses

SMART-MED-PARKS je pilot-projekt financiran u okviru programa MED kojemu je svrha povećavanje energetske učinkovitosti u znanstveno-tehnološkim parkovima (ZTP-ovi) doprinoseći time stvaranju modela autonomne proizvodnje i potrošnje energije upotrebom Pametne Mreže.

Model, ispitan u pet znanstveno-tehnoloških parkova u Španjolskoj, Italiji, Francuskoj i Portugalu, promicat će energetsku učinkovitost i integraciju obnovljive energije kao ključnog čimbenika konkurentnosti i održivosti sadašnjeg gospodarsko-socijalnog modela u sličnim parkovima u područje Sredozemlja (Med Area).



Starting date February 2013 - Ending date January 2015

Taking into account the strategic importance of energy efficiency within the MED area and at the heart of the EU’ 2020 strategy for a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth for the a transition to a resource efficient economy, the project cornerstone relies on the idea that energy demand in parks should be largely covered with local power plants, and that a larger energy self-sufficiency application would allow Mediterranean parks energy savings, and would imply incorporation of technologies. That make use of...

After two years, the Smart-MED-Parks project has concluded its activities on January 31st 2015.

The most important deliverable of the project is now available for download in the section "Software Tool" of this website. According to the project objectives, this tool will allow:

a) The characterization and quantification of energy demand and consumption in Science and Technological Parks (STPs).
b) To provide mechanisms to improve energy efficiency and to measure, or at least estimate, this improvement.
c) To foster ...

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To ensure the adequate exploitation and sustainability of project results beyond the project’s execution, a final conference of the European project Smart-Med-Parks will take place the Tuesday 27th of January 2014, in Malaga at the head office of the Spanish partner, the Technology Park of Andalucía. The principal activities will be focusing on the presentation of the results of the project and the strategies to take into account to foster the energy efficiency and renewable energy integration in Parks of the Med Area. This event is mainly addressed to...

It will be held in Pontedera (Pisa, Tuscany, Italy) - Auditorium della Nuova Biblioteca on 19 December 2014 the Workshop "LED - La luce che cambia il mondo" ("LED - the light changing the world").

Free admission. See the program in Italian here


Interested in applying for the Horizon 2020 Energy Efficiency call? Paticipate in the Information Day on 12 December 2014 in Brussels and...

- Get an update on the European policy on sustainable energy.
- Learn about the energy efficiency priorities of the 2015 Horizon 2020 calls.
- Find out how to apply for funding.
- Participate in sessions dedicated to the different funding areas, meet the EASME team and get answers to your questions.
- Use the opportunity to find new project partners.

The conference language is English....

Smart-MED-Parks National Conference, organized by the Province of Massa-Carrara and AESS, will be held on November 18th 2014 within the “bioarchitecture and home automation week” in Modena ( ) at AESS headquarters.

It will also include examples of italian best practices in the field of energy (from Region of Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna) and the presentation of a project co-financed by the LLP programme: “IS IT GREEN – Making Information Technology greener...